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photo of Carmen Wheatley Notary Public Carmen Wheatley has lived in northern British Columbia with her husband and two daughters for the past 20 years. She initially went to University of British Columbia to complete a Bachelor of Science in Forestry. She has worked in the forest industry and ranphoto of Angie Chauvin at Carmen Wheatley Notary Public her own consulting business as a Registered Professional Forester since 1987. Carmen then pursued her Master's at Simon Fraser University in Applied Legal Studies, and was commissioned as a Notary Public in 2010. She is a member of the Society of Notaries Public of British Columbia. Carmen opened her practice in Fort St. James and Vanderhoof, and is an active community member and volunteer.

Angela Chauvin, conveyancer, is the friendly face that will great you when you come to see us. Angie has worked in this notary office for many years and is a valued part of this firm. She is active in the community and has raised her family in Fort St. James. We look forward to assisting you in whatever way we can.

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